Tipico-eigenArt was founded by Designer Jutta Franziska Trenker 30 years ago.

She has lived in several countries all over the world , in Egypt, Indonesia, Cameroon, Niger and Tunesia, to name only a few.
The impressions she gained from different cultures influenced and formed her fine intuition in creating outstanding designs.
The matching minerals ,crystals, fossiles , gemstones and natural materials are selected with empathy and insight.
The creations are handcrafted with love in high quality Sterling Silver in a peaceful surrounding.
They come as one-of-a-kind pieces or in limited edition.




Almost every piece of art is unique or is limited edition, what seperates us from the rest.


Our one-of-a-kind jewelery is made with 925 Sterling Silver, the best and highest possible grade of silver for fine jewelery making.

Each piece meets the highest quality standard and is created with love and empathy ensuring that the wearer enjoys this special jewel for a lifetime.


We choose every single material, mineral or shell we use for our jewelery with empathy and insight and travel for this reason to many parts of the World.


Our aim is to capture the outstanding beauty of Mother Nature in every single Tipico-eigenArt jewel.


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