Tipico-eigenArt has been creating and producing design jewelery and objects with love and passion for almost 30 years


Every piece is designed with love and is handmade in a peaceful surrounding,creating harmony by giving special attention to the fine detail found in each of our pieces.Our admiration for nature´s beauty is evident in our designs.




Almost every piece of art is unique or is limited edition, what seperates us from the rest.

Our one-of-a-kind jewelery is made with 925 Sterling Silver, the best and highest possible grade of silver for fine jewelery making.

Each piece meets the highest quality standard and is created with love and empathy ensuring that the wearer enjoys this special jewel for a lifetime.

We choose every single material, mineral or shell we use for our jewelery with empathy and insight and travel for this reason to many parts of the World.

Our aim is to capture the outstanding beauty of Mother Nature in every single Tipico-eigenArt jewel.




We find Beauty in Nature and in our Souls and create designs that will leave you breathless and shining


Be part of pure beautiful jewelery Art







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